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Exotic Paycations Travel Networking Group (Business Networking Group)

Created: Oct 30, 2017 Dr. S. Dallas Prévost, M.D.

If you're a wanderlust and an entrepreneur, you're in good company!

Our travel networking group of wanderlust entrepreneurs, business and health care professionals provides our members with a fun tax-deductible way to mix business with pleasure as we tick off our bucket lists of exotic travel destinations.

Business networking is really about building your "social capital". When done properly, it results in increased business referrals and customers.

Our group is a social capital investment strategy that helps members cultivate a networking referral "Power Team" of high-quality people in strategically important business categories using Dr. Ivan Misner's VCP (Visibility, Credibility and Profitability) Process and Givers Gain philosophy.

Our Core Values:
Our System:

Throughout 2018, I'll host a series of week-long business networking trips to various exotic destinations around the world. We'll "paycation" on all-inclusive cruises and at resorts that specialize in premium all-inclusive vacation packages with all activities, meals, drinks and entertainment packaged into one price with no hidden costs, making our paycations both stress-free & hassle-free.

So you may choose between a tropical Island Oasis, a thrilling Ski Retreat, an Exotic Adventure, and a luxurious Cruise.

Our trips will accommodate 20 to 60 members; family are welcome. In addition to networking with fellow member travelers, each member will have an opportunity to present their biz op, products, or services as a featured speaker and/or during daily "speed networking" events.

Aside from our planned group itinerary, there'll be plenty of free time to take advantage of the resort's or cruise's many activities, to explore the local culture & sights, and for some well-deserved relaxation. You'll not only return home rejuvenated, but with new Clients, business Contacts, on-going sources of Referrals, and lasting Friendships.

~ S. Dallas Prevost, MD
Group Founder & Admin.