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  • Powerful Profiles - quickly access relevant information about the people you need to know. Categorize them, add notes, schedule meetings, and more.
  • People Finder - find key people based on their Roles, Goals, Group Questions, Company Name, and more.
  • Join Activities - at meals, speed networking, or just networking. Request who you want to meet, or not meet!
  • Table Assignments - sit with people you want to meet. You request, we assign.
  • We Met - no need for business cards! Tap "We Met" to record, find, and connect with people who matter.
  • Follow Up - make ROI happen. Tap to Request Meetings with others, or Remind yourself to follow up.
  • Connect People – help group members meet people. They'll return the favour...
  • And so much more - share Photos and Files, Status Updates, Surveys, Messages, Calendar, ...
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